Saturday, February 20, 2016

Project 365: Week 6

This is a week late!  Oh, well.  I will hopefully post this weeks Project 365 soon, but until then, here is the one for the week of February 7 - 13.

Sunday:  I stayed home from church Sunday morning because I still wasn't feeling well.  Patrick really enjoyed climbing the stairs over and over.  Whenever I would get him, he would giggle and laugh!  I am thankful for quiet, restful Lord's days.  

Monday: Keira had a Physical Therapy evaluation.  It didn't go as I expected.  The therapist said that it appears that it is not her patella, but the ligaments of her hamstring.   I think that may be true, but I do think her patella is also a problem.  I guess time will tell.  For now we have some exercises to do to help her heal.  After the evaluation, we went to the small cemetery that I stopped at last week.  This time it was a clear, cold day.  I am thankful to live in a place where we can see experts who know how to help us when we are sick or hurting.  I know this is something we should not take for granted because many people around the world don't have this kind of access.

Tuesday:  We had "snow" again in Georgia.  It was so beautiful to see it falling on and off throughout the day.  I loved watching it.  I am glad I got out early to get a couple of pictures because it didn't stick much at all.  I love that you can see the individual flakes on the monkey grass.  I am thankful for snow!  I would definitely take more if the Lord wills to send it to us.

Wednesday:  Every 6 months, my mom, sister, and I sell at a local consignment sale.  This is no small inside the church gym sale.  It is hosted at the Gwinnett County fair grounds and has 1500 sellers!  They fill two buildings to the brim the first day or two of the sale.  We find the process of selling to be tedious and annoying in many ways, but we love shopping at the sale because of the bargins and the ability to get everything we need all at one time.  I am thankful for this opportunity to cloth my children in quality used clothing. (Even if I complain about the process sometimes.)

Thursday: Megan and I have been spending our time on Thursdays during the kids classes at the church to sew.  The last couple of weeks, we have been working on putting scraps leftover from previous projects together into new quilts.  But I was especially excited to get to show Megan the quilt top that I finished this week.  This is the top for Mercy's bed size quilt.  This is my first time using a pattern and my first time piecing curves.  I was really nervous and thought that it would take me forever to put it together, but it came together really easily.  This thing is huge!  It is supposed to be a twin, but I think it could fit a double or even a queen bed easily.  I LOVE it!  I know Mercy will, too. I am thankful for the ability to sew and make pretty things for my family.  I am thankful that my husband supports my efforts in these areas.

Friday:  We went to visit Adrian's parents.  It had been way too long since we had visited them at their house.  One of the kids favorite things to do with PopPop is to watch youtube videos.  They got to Snoopy!  I am thankful for wonderful in-laws.  Adrian's mom and I are good friends and I enjoy spending time with her.

Saturday:  I finished our taxes!!!  I am thankful to have this task completed!  I am thankful for an accountant who takes care of all the details, and I am thankful to God for providing for our every need.

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