Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tennessee Aquarium: the Animals

It has probably been 15 years or more since I went to the Tennessee Aquarium.  At that time, they only had one building.  I remembered the sloping walkway pasted the huge tanks and the fish names written on the wall in the shape of fish.

The first exhibit was of seahorses.  We enjoyed seeing the many different kinds!

These were tiny!

Adrian likes the otters best because they are so playful.

The view from under the waterfall.

An albino alligator.

We got to see a baby alligator snapping turtle up close.

We enjoyed watching the scuba diver feed the fish.  Interestingly, the man's niece and nephew were there to watch him.  We talked with them a bit about the aquarium and what they liked best about it.

This butterfly has translucent wings!

These butterflies have big eye spots on the outside of their wings and the coloring blends into the woods.  When they fly, the inside of their wings are a beautiful and surprising purple.

Kyle's favorite animal is the penquin.  He was so excited to get to see them in person!  These little penquins are walking around with their wings out to help cool themselves.

The jellyfish are absolutely breathtaking!  They look so ethereal, but can cause such pain.  I am amazed at God's delicate handiwork in these scary and beautiful creatures!

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