Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Project 365: Week 4

This week was a busy one, but what week can I not say that for?  Anyway, we had a lot of fun with several activities outside of the house.  I just want to stay home a bit more, but that is not what God has in store for us right now.  This is for the week of Jan 24 - Jan 30.

Sunday: As we were getting ready to head to church, Kyle pointed out the "snow flakes" on the wind shield.  I thought it was interesting enough to delay us by a couple of minutes!  I am thankful for noticing little things and God's amazing handiwork even in the smallest things!

Monday: I had a headache since Friday, so my wonderful husband gave me his chiropractor appointment.  I took my camera in hopes of finding something interesting to photograph while I was out.  I am thankful for art everywhere!  This picture is from a concrete retaining wall.  It is in a church parking lot, and is covered with these leaves in different sizes and orientations.

Tuesday:  All the kids wanted to go to Keira's therapy, so we packed the school books and head out to Speech therapy.  Since my mom wasn't feeling well, we decided to just go straight to horseback riding and watch Keira ride.  A friend at therapy told us about Chickfila giving out free sausage biscuits, so we picked some up on our way.  I am thankful for a special day, for friends, and for the love of books.

Wednesday: Mercy loves to read and look at books.  I am thankful for her wonder and joy at the world around her.

Thursday: Look at all these colors!  Today's art class was using different shades of color.  The kids mixed white with the colors to various degrees and painted different pictures.  This is a beautiful mess!  I am thankful for the kids art teacher (and all their other teachers as well)!

Friday: For Christmas, we were given a yearly membership to the Tennessee Aquarium.  We were able to use it for the first time on Friday.  We went Megan and her family.  I found a couple of chances to take a self portrait, and my husband decided to be funny!  I am thankful for my husband.  God has blessed me with him.  I am also thankful for this wonderful gift and opportunity to use it.

Saturday: Kyle finally finished Suzuki Book one, then finished the first song in book two in one week!  I was so thrilled!  He has learned to read music and to practice independently (even if he doesn't like doing it).  I am really pleased with his work on the violin and look forward what he does in the future.  I am thankful for Kyle's desire to learn to play the violin and his teacher who has worked so patiently with him over the last couple of years.

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