Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Birthday Bowling

Many months ago, Kyle got a coin from Stars and Strikes.  I think he found it at the thrift store or from the Kidsignment sale.  From that time on, Kyle has asked if he could go to Stars and Strikes for his birthday.  We weren't sure about going there since we have so many kids, something like that could be expensive!  Adrian started looking around for options for bowling and found Kids Bowl Free.  We were so excited that we signed up all the kids and took them bowling on Saturday before Kyle's birthday!
None of the kids really knew what bowling was, so Adrian explained it to them before they got started.  Here is a little known fact.  Adrian was on a bowling league while in college!  He really enjoyed it then and enjoyed bowling again with the kids!

It took him a little while to get his throw back, but he finally found his groove.

The kids had a wonderful time!

 Keira really wanted to bowl like the big kids and not with the kids ramp.  She did well!


Mercy and Sophia started out using the dragon ramp. Mercy loved it!  Sophia decided later that she wanted to try bowling like the big kids.

Mercy was so excited that hers and daddy's shoes matched!

The bowling ball was bigger than Mercy!

All the kids had a great time!  Kyle got 3 strikes and Mercy got 1!  Avalyn had a couple of spares.


  1. Looks like they all had a great time!
    Keira looks so grown up in that last picture!