Monday, June 13, 2016

Camping at Lake Lanier part 1

Several months ago, Megan asked if we wanted to go camping.  I was tired of trying to find a time and place to go, so I told her sure, sign us up and let me know when and where.  She made arrangements for us to camp at Shady Grove on Lake Lanier on Memorial Day weekend!  She wasn't sure what the sites would be like, but we were happy to go and enjoy the experience.
I will say that I was incredibly overwhelmed leading up to the trip and really just wanted to stay home!  I knew that the kids would really enjoy going, so I kept plugging along trying to just make it to the camp site.
We left for camping after school let out on Thursday.  It was the last day for the kids, so the schedule was shorten and more exciting than usual.  Once we got to the camp site, we saw a wonderful view of the lake!  As we set up, we realized that we had stayed in this group of sites before when we camped with a couple of families at the church a few years ago.

(We have a 15 passenger van and still filled it up!  If you look closely, you can see three of the bike tires that were inside the van.)

(The dog squeezed himself between the rows of seats.  He wasn't sure what to do with himself!)

Adrian and the kids set up the tent while I tried to make order of all the kitchen stuff and prepare for dinner.  Megan was bringing the meat while I brought sides.

(Mercy hates bugs!  This is how she stomped on bugs while we were trying to set up the camp.)

(Patrick loves to sit in chairs, so to get him out of the way, he was chaired.)

(Our view from our campsite.)

As it got dark, the kids gathered sticks and built a fire so they could roast marshmallows.  We had a wonderful time of Bible reading and singing and praying before heading to bed.  Patrick snuggled sweetly while we watched the fire.  He fell asleep and slept the rest of the night!  Mercy on the other hand had a hard time sleeping away from home and woke up several times crying for mommy.  Eventually I just pulled her into the cot with me and we slept together until morning.
On Friday morning, I was thankful for the electric hook up as I cooked breakfast on the griddle and started lunch in the crock pot.
Most of our family and the Presleys rode their bikes to the play ground after breakfast.  I drove with Patrick, Keira, and Cheyenne.  The kids played for a long while.

To be continued...

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