Monday, June 27, 2016

First Visit to the Pool

We made our first visit to the pool this year the day after Memorial Day.  We went with my parents, grandmother, and the Presleys.  We shared pizza at the pool and had a great time!  The kids loved jumping in and cooling off.  I don't usually like getting in because it is cold and I don't like getting wet, but I got in for a few minutes just for fun.

All the kids (minus Patrick) with Gma.

Adrian tried to help Patrick float.

Keira and Kyle work on swimming.

Mercy loved throwing the dive toys into the water for the other kids to get.

 The kids loved jumping in in as many ways as possible!

Keira was scared to come to her daddy!  She thought he was going to try to make her float.

Mom took a picture of my baby in the pool.

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