Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Project 366: Week 21

For no good reason, I did not take pictures on 3 days this week!  I have been overwhelmed by life: the end of the school year, coughing and sick kids, my grandmother visiting, and a camping trip.  I am grateful now that several weeks have past to have a bit more calm!  This is for the week of  May 22 - May 28.

Sunday: One of the days that I missed.  I don't usually try to take a picture on Sunday unless something really strikes me.  This picture is from Tuesday.  Patrick climbed up on the table to eat popcorn.  We try to keep him off the table, and away from popcorn, but sometimes, it is hard!
I am thankful for my church and pastor.  Though I probably haven't told my pastor how much I appreciate his preaching and teaching, I am very grateful for his helping us to understand more fully God's Word.

Monday: Again I didn't get out my camera.  I have no idea why.  But I guess sometimes you need a break.  This picture is from our first day camping.  Mercy HATES bugs.  This was how she stomped on them!  The first thing we did once we got to the camp ground was go to the bathroom.  She saw a bug on the wall and screamed like she was dying and curled up in the corner by the toilet.  Once I managed to kill the bug, she recovered!  It was not a good start to a weekend out of doors!
I am thankful that Mercy got over freaking out over every moving thing she saw.  Mercy behaved like a big kid most of the time and just rolled with it and did well!  I was grateful.

 Tuesday: I was determined after missing two days to get a picture, any picture!  I took the previous one (the one shown under Sunday) and two at the voting precinct.  I am always amused (or frustrated) by the different stands for the definition of "campaigning".  Though I have never had any trouble with campaigners at my precinct.
I am thankful for a nation founded on Christian principles.  I know that we no longer live in a Christian nation, and that few if any of our leaders truly follow Christ.  But I believe that God has preserved our country this far from worse tyranny because of those who founded this nation.  I pray that the nation as a whole will repent and turn to God, but I believe that it starts with us and our church and other churches.  I believe that our leaders wouldn't change until we do.  So I pray that the Lord will change the hearts of those who love him to affect the world right where they are and that that will change the course of this nation.

Wednesday: Another miss.  I believe I was in a mad rush trying to figure everything out for camping and the end of the school year.  This picture is from the playground at the camp ground.  For the longest time, Adrian and I would refuse to put Mercy's hair in a ponytail because we love her curls so much.  But as her hair has gotten longer, she really needs to keep it out of her face, so we have given in and have put her hair up more frequently.
I am thankful for diversity.  I am thankful that my children are all different.  I love their different characteristics and personalities.  What a boring life we would have if everyone were the same!

Thursday: The scene from our camp site!  As it was setting, the sun illumined a small peninsula across the water.
I am thankful for the beauty we saw while camping.  I am thankful that the weather was nice, though a bit hot during the day.  I am thankful that we could enjoy some time in a different place.

Friday: We went to the playground at the camp ground for a while.  The kids enjoyed playing for a long time.  I really like this picture of Avalyn!
I am thankful for the quiet and somewhat restful time we had camping.  I had been overwhelmed for what seemed like weeks, it was nice to not have to do anything.

Saturday: After getting home and unloading the car, I saw Coco just sitting on the rain barrel!  Poor Coco, left all alone!
I am fairly sure that I have said this before, but I am glad that my children love their stuffed toys.  They provide a sweet friendship and comfort when they are little. 

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