Saturday, June 18, 2016

Project 366: Week 23

This week was a nice week!  We had a great time enjoying summer.  We spent many hours reading The Green Ember out loud.  The kids (and I) really LOVED the book!  We backed the Kickstarter for the next book and Avalyn can't stop talking about getting it.  The kids also spent a good amount of time outside playing.  The temperatures and humidity were not too bad this week, so I sent them out in the mornings.  They got to play with our neighbor for almost the first time.  They enjoyed their time with her.  I just hope we didn't overwhelm her as she is the younger of two children, and we have six crazy kids!  This post covers June 5 - 11.

Sunday: Sunday was Kyle's birthday.  I forgot to take his picture until just before bed.  It was too dark to take a good picture outside, so I got two pictures inside and promised to take better pictures another day.  I am thankful for this loving boy.  Kyle is thoughtful and caring and loves reading and riding his bike.

Monday: So good friends took ALL our kids for the whole day!  Adrian and I planned to make a day of it ourselves.  We went to Conyers to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit.  We wanted to see their bonsai collection.  Adrian and I enjoyed the afternoon wandering around the grounds.  It was so quiet and peaceful!  Learning about how they founded the monastery and how they built the church was fascinating.  I am thankful for good friends who love us and our kids!  I am thankful for time with just my husband to enjoy some quiet time together.

Tuesday: Avalyn made a Gardenia garland for Mercy.  Mercy wasn't as excited about it as I thought she would be.   I am thankful for these beautiful and wonderfully scented flowers!  Every time I walk out of my house at this time of year the smell of the Gardenias almost overwhelms me.  God even created smell that brings great pleasure!

Wednesday: This little guy loves balls!  He can play with this ball for an hour by himself!  I am thankful for this little red ball (and the little boy who likes it)! :)

Thursday: I didn't take a picture this day.  This picture is from the monastery on Monday.  As a way for the monastery to make money and to preserve the environment on their large parcel of land, the monks have set up a natural cemetery.  We drove back to where the office was, but decided not to ask where the burial grounds were.  What we saw was heavy woods with small paths through it.  It was beautiful.  I am thankful for peaceful places.  Though many people are creeped out by cemeteries, I find them peaceful and beautiful.

Friday: We have a tradition in out home of reading comic books during quiet time on Fridays.  Also kids have to be 8 years old before they can read Calvin and Hobbes.  We want them to be able to understand at least a little bit that Calvin is not the most well behaved kid.  It also gives them something to look forward to!  Kyle has anticipated this day for a LONG time!  I am thankful for fun things to look forward to!  And I am thankful for Calvin and Hobbes!

Saturday: Our good friend and pastor's daughter got married!  The wedding went well and Caroline was beautiful.  I am thankful for another picture of how Christ loves us!  God is constantly showing us how he loves us and I am thankful for the opportunity to witness this union and pray that God will use them as a witness to him through their marriage.

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