Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kyle is 8!!!

Kyle's eighth birthday was on Sunday this year, so we celebrated on the Saturday before.  He requested small penguin cakes and breakfast for dinner. 

I decorated cupcakes like little penguins.  Originally they didn't have feet, but Kyle insisted that they had to have feet!  I think they turned out rather well!

Kyle enjoyed opening his presents from his siblings. They went to the DollarTree and each bought him a gift.  They were very thoughtful in their choices. 

One of the gifts that Adrian and I gave him was a little stuffed penguin.  Kyle named him Magellan.  So now Captain Cook has a fellow explorer joining him in the penguin crew.

We got 8 candles on Kyle's cupcake, but he did not manage to blow them all out at one time.

We are thankful for God giving us our first son.  He is thoughtful and reserved.  We pray that God will continue to show himself to Kyle as he grows in grace and faith.

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