Friday, October 28, 2016

Keira is Double Digits!

Keira turned 10!  As we usually do, we planned a special cake for her.  I found a carousel bundt pan.  Avalyn made a Gluten Free pound cake using the pan.  Unfortunately, the cake wasn't dense enough to show the intricate shapes of the pan, but Keira still liked it.
God is amazing in how he has showed us his watch care over Keira.  With all of her early health concerns, she is really healthy.  She works hard at her school work.  But most of all she loves horse back riding!  God has graciously allowed her to grow and learn and has showed us himself in the struggles.

We dusted the cake with powdered sugar in hopes that it would help the shapes on the carousel stand out.  It didn't work very well, but the cake tasted really good!

And the powdered sugar made blowing out the candles more fun!

Each of the kids bought Keira a present and she enjoyed opening all the gifts.

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