Friday, October 7, 2016

Project 366: Week 35

Since I am so far behind on these posts, I don't really remember what was happening this week other than school and preparing for vacation.  This post is for the week of August 28 - September 3.

Sunday: I missed Sunday, but I took this picture on Monday.  I changed our thermostat's batteries to find that we must not have ever changed them before!  I have never seen these before.  I am thankful for air conditioning, especially here in the south, summer would be difficult without it!

Monday: The kids have been enjoying the cherry tomatoes from our garden.  They put one in each cheek and then squeeze them to pop them.  I am thankful for being able to grow food even if we couldn't grow enough  to feed our family!

Tuesday: Keira got a new coloring book and has been very meticulous in her coloring!  She has done a stunning job!  I am thankful for Keira's carefulness and neatness.  I love watching her color!

Wednesday:  I must have missed my picture for Wednesday.  This was taken on Tuesday of my blocks for my t-shirt quilt.  I look forward to finishing it! I am thankful for a fun new project, one that I have thought about doing for many years.

Thursday: Our second week of classes, and this is what the oldest art class worked on.  They made different color paper.  I really love the greens!  I am so grateful for the teachers who take time to teach my children every week.

Friday:  Megan asked if I wanted to take Avalyn to the Georgia Gun Club to let her and Clayton shoot a couple of guns.  Avalyn had never shot a gun before, but she really like shooting the rifle the best.  I am thankful for my sister and her generosity. I enjoy her company and I thankful to God for her.

Saturday: The kids enjoyed playing outside.  Sophia made some great bubbles! I am thankful for bubbles and how much they entertain my children!

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