Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sewing: August

I didn't sew as much in August since we started school.  I finished up the blocks I was working on for May's Mighty Lucky Challenge but really ran out of steam before getting to blocks made with printed fabric.

I finally got to fixing this t shirt quilt for my niece.  Her grandmother was so kind to make her this quilt, but had a bit of trouble.  So I took the quilt and corrected a couple of parts.  My niece was excited to have this back because I kept it for way too long!

After conquering my niece's t shirt quilt, I decided to start my own!  I have years (and 100s of dollars) worth of t shirts from concerts I went to see in high school and college.  Since they only sold Extra Large t shirts for most of that time, most of the shirts never fit me (though I wore them anyway).  I only wore one of the shirts for a short period of time when I was pregnant with Sophia and was too big to wear even normal maternity clothes!
I can't wait to see this quilt finish!

I didn't make much progress on Mercy's quilt.  I need to quilt two more sections, but I'm a bit stalled out trying to decide how to quilt them.

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