Friday, October 21, 2016

Kid's Creek Therapy

For over a year, Keira has been going to Kid's Creek Therapy.  First for speech, and later for physical therapy.  She did a great job, learning a lot and working hard.  But we had to stop going.  On her final week, I took pictures of what she did and took a lot of notes so that we could work on therapy activities at home. 

When Keira first started the physical therapy, I had trouble understanding her therapist as English was not her first language.  Over time, I learned how sweet, caring, and Godly she was.  I was so thankful for her kind words and encouragement, and I miss seeing her every week!  The therapist was working with Keira, but she had Sophia work with them too, in order to encourage Keira and show her what to do.  The girls grew closer together and loved sharing this time.
The therapy location had the greatest room!  It had a tree house with elevated walk ways, a rock climbing wall, a ball pit, a sliding swing, and a bunch of other things like trapezes and punching bags.

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