Monday, October 10, 2016

Project 366: Week 36

September 4 - 10

Sunday: I didn't take a picture on Sunday, but this is from Saturday.  Patrick was playing with a ball almost as big as he is.  He loved throwing it and ten running after it.  I am thankful for soft balls!  This little guy loves to throw anything that is remotely round, so I am thankful for round objects that wouldn't break my windows! :)

Monday: I made some of Emeril's Beef Stroganoff!  It is so tasty, and it freezes well, so made enough of it to take on vacation. I am grateful that we have such variety in our food supply!  Imagine life with only one or two choices of food.  Many people in the world can't even imagine what we have.  God is good!

Tuesday: Patrick LOVES to help with the salad spinner.  Any time it comes out, he makes it known that he wants to help!  (This picture was taken on Monday.)  I am thankful for children who love to help even from an early age.

Wednesday: We gave the kids chex mud buddies for dessert.  Patrick loved it and made a glorious mess!  I am thankful for sweet treats to share with my children. 

Thursday: Even though it is a class day, it was very busy and I didn't get a picture.  I was running errands and children to and from the church all day in preparation for vacation. (This picture is of the binding for my Dr. Seuss Quilt that I took on Monday.)  I am grateful for Dr. Seuss and his wit!  I just love his books and really should read them more often to my kids.

Friday: Again, I didn't get a picture because of all the prep for vacation.  This picture was taken on Saturday while we were moving things up to our room.  I don't think the focus is write, but I love Patrick's smile!  Sometimes, seeing that little smile is enough to look past all the screaming fussing and crying.  The sun comes out even for a moment and gives me hope that we will move past the fussing.  I am thankful for this smile!  I need it!

Saturday: We took a quick walk on the beach after unpacking and dinner.  Even with all the seaweed in the water, it was still beautiful! I am thankful for vacation!  I am thankful to get a change of scenery and a chance to enjoy a different pace to our days. 

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