Thursday, May 26, 2016

Building with Daddy

I mentioned before that Adrian built a bike rack for the kids' bikes.  It is a nice design and is working very well to help keep order in our garage.  He researched designs and then went to Home Depot to get wood on Friday evening.  On Saturday, he started  and completed the job!  The kids came and went helping him.  But Mercy stayed the longest.  She loved being by her daddy's side with the ear muffs on ready to lend a hand or finger as needed.

That curl just gets me every time!  I love it!

Those little smushy cheeks are wonderful!

And here we have both, the curl and the cheeks!

 The bike rack is a fairly simple design which is what makes it perfect for our needs.  The kids can use it without any trouble, and our garage is cleaner for it!

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