Monday, May 9, 2016

Sewing: April

I don't really feel like I did a lot of sewing in April.  With spring break, I had hoped to sew, but I ended up rearranging bed rooms!  I did make some progress on my projects though.  Some of the pictures were taken with my phone.

I completed two of the Mighty Lucky challenges, February's and March's.  February's was called One Wrong Color.  The idea was to pick our a set of fabric that you like, then add in one fabric that just looks or feels wrong.  And then you need to play with fabric until you can make it work!  I picked out these purples and yellows.  I REALLY like it!  I added the turquiose because I love the color, but I couldn't find a way to make it work.

Look at all the colors and fabrics I added trying to make it work.  The problem wasn't the number of fabrics I was adding, but that they all came from the same line of fabric.  I just never felt it coming together.

 So in the end I reverted back to the yellows and purples and tried adding another wrong color.  I added in brown.  Even though I wasn't as thrilled with the whole pile when I finished, I thought that the colors worked together.  I made a stacked coin block.

 And this is how it turned out!  I loved playing with colors and seeing how they work together.  I would like to read more on color theory if I ever find the time!

This is the finished result of my February challenge.  It was minimal improv and is supposed to represent a sunset over the ocean.  I think several of my family thought it was a truck, so now we know I'm not so good at minimal!

 I started quilting Mercy's quilt, it is going to take forever!  I am glad I have until next year to get it to her!  I decided to quilt each color section differently.  The purple got pebbles.  I really love the texture it creates!  I finished the purple section and started on the orange.  It is getting concentric arches that over lap with other arches.  It is taking even longer than the pebbles took, so I think this quilt really will take a year to complete.  That is ok, I am really excited about how it is coming along and I can't wait to see how it looks when it is finished.

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