Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Project 366: Week 18

This week, things seem to have calmed down a bit with only two doctors' appointments.  Keira was able to go horseback riding, but the kids didn't go to school on Thursday.

Sunday:  I had missed every fellowship meal of the year so far.  We thought the family was doing well enough that we all went for the worship service and the meal.  Avalyn and Kyle both needed breathing treatments at church, but that didn't stop us!
I didn't take a picture on Sunday, so this picture is from Wednesday.  Kyle and I were near the King and Queen of Atlanta and I decided to stop to take some pictures.  The office complex is beautiful!  I can't imagine working here.  I think I would eat lunch outside every day!  I am thankful for finding such beautiful places all around us.  I am thankful for the Lord for allowing us to travel where we need to go.

Monday: As a part of a Homemaking ebook Bundle I bought, I got a couple of adult coloring books.  The kids really liked the animal coloring sheets!  Kyle colored this bat.  I am thankful for the kids desire and enjoyment of these coloring pages and how well they entertained themselves with the coloring sheets.

Tuesday: As we were leaving to take Keira to her therapy, Kyle asked me what these things were in the yard.  I saw these little lacy mushrooms.  If I had had more time, maybe I would have pulled out the micro filters and tried to get a closer view of these delicate mushrooms.  But I only had time for two quick shots before we had to get going.  I am thankful for my children noticing the world around them and paying attention.  It doesn't happen all the time, but I am thankful that they are seeing things that often get overlooked.

Wednesday: Kyle had a pulmonologist appointment near Scottish Rite hospital.  After waiting for an hour to see the doctor, we talked with her for about an hour.  I wasn't very hopeful that we would get much help other than long term perscriptions, but the doctor believed that we could clear up his lungs in a week or so!  I was so encouraged when I left.  The Lord was good getting us to that doctor.  Though we had to wait a while for the appointment, I am thankful for the doctor's encouragement and knowledge.  The King and Queen of Atlanta are just on the other side of 285 from the office we were going to, so we drove through the office complex to try to capture a picture of the buildings.  From ground level, I don't know if I could get a great picture, but I loved being so close to these beautiful buildings!  Though I got a couple of pictures with the iconic tops, I like this one the best for the clouds and reflection in the windows.  I am thankful that there were no gates or guards, so I was able to just drive up and see these awesome buildings!

Thursday:  I kept the kids home from school so that I could take Avalyn to the doctor again.  She still wasn't feeling well and was complaining of her chest hurting.  On Tuesday, she had a low fever as well.  The doctor listened to Avalyn and determined that she had pneumonia!  So Avalyn has a strong antibiotic and breathing treatments around the clock.  I am hopeful that we are on the right road for clearing up Avalyn's lungs, too.
 Adrian bought another game for the kids.  It is simpler to understand than most of our games, so even Mercy can play it.  Mercy and Keira enjoyed playing it together.  I am thankful for my children's love of games!  I am glad that they can enjoy the time interacting with each other over a board game instead of over a screen.

Friday:  I have been enjoying decorating postcards and sending them to friends.  These are a few that I have drawn recently.  I am thankful for happy mail!

Saturday: I ran a couple of errands and wanted to take a picture of something not at my house!  I remembered two historical markers that are close to our house.  I took this one about Peachtree Road because I've always been amused that the Peachtree Road sign is on the side of Buford Highway.  Apparently, this is the sight where Buford Highway joins the original path of Peachtree road.  As a side note, I tried to look up how many Peachtree streets, roads, etc there are in Atlanta, and came up with 71.  I don't know how accurate that is and if it only includes Atlanta proper, but apparently, we like our peachtrees here!  I am thankful for for small moments where we can take a breath and just relax.  I had one of those moments while out by myself.

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