Saturday, May 7, 2016

Project 366: Week 17

Our weeks continue to remain interesting.  As the saying goes, never a dull moment!  This is for the week of April 24 - 30.

Sunday:  Mercy got to wear a dress that Sophia has been enjoying, but was slightly too short on her.  Mercy was so excited!  Yes, I let my children dress themselves and choose their own shoes.  I don't usually object to their choices if the shoes match, so that is why Mercy is wearing winter boots on a warm spring day.  I am thankful for siblings who can pass clothing down and younger siblings who are happy to get them!

Monday: After last week and the many sicknesses, we had more this week!  Avalyn started having trouble breathing.  Her heart rate sky rocketed, and she was talking with breaths between words.  The doctor said that she was having an asthma attack and needed the same routine that Kyle was on.  I am thankful for my health!  I am thankful that I am able to care for my family when they are sick.

Tuesday: Avalyn was feeling better after being on the steroid for 24 hours.  She earned a donut for finishing reading a large biography on George Washington.  She and Toothless got hats from Krispy Kreme.  I am thankful for stuffed animal friends!

Wednesday: Patrick is not the happiest baby.  He has a wonderful smile, but he does not share it all the time.  He is often fussing and whining.  But this face just manes me want to cry!  Patrick doesn't usually let me get pictures of him because as soon as I point the camera in his direction, he crawls/walks towards me.  Apparently, he was so upset that he couldn't do that this time!  I am thankful for the happy moments with this sweet boy!

Thursday: Superhero day at Krispy Kreme!  Avalyn wanted to treat the school to donuts, so before lunch, I bought a dozen donuts and got a dozen free.  The girls wore superhero capes borrowed from Megan.  Though I did get a couple of pictures of them lined up fairly well.  I like this one better.  I like the action and movement!  I am thankful for generous children who love to share.

Friday: While Keira and I were out, we passed an art display of metal goats!  I liked it so much that I turned around to get some pictures!  Keira really like the goats, too and wanted her picture taken with one.  The goats are a part of Suwanee's sculpture tour.  I am thankful for fun and interesting this to see!  I am amazed at the things that I see when I really look around.  Since starting to take pictures again, I see many more little details in the world around me.  It is a lot of fun and always interesting.

Saturday: Adrian, Megan, and I took all the kids to an Expo near the airport.  Clayton and Mercy have always had a special friendship.  All the kids did well, even though there was nothing to hold their attention except each other.  I am thankful for cousins who are friends as much as family!