Monday, May 16, 2016

Playing with the Hose

The kids love to play chase with the hose.  Adrian grabs the hose and chases the kids around the yard.  They all have a good time.  This time was a bit different since Keira had just been in the hospital the day before and didn't feel like playing.  Avalyn had hurt her foot on Sunday, but we still just thought that it was a little sore. 

Avalyn tries to refill the watering can from the spray!  Not the most effective method. :)

The kids love to use umbrellas to try to deflect some of the spray.

Adrian has mastered his technique for spraying the kids!

Before they started, Avalyn asked Adrian not to chase her as quickly because her foot was still sore.  About half way through the fun, Avalyn began to feel sick and had to sit down.


The kids hid behind Moby Dick waiting for Adrian to come get them!

Mercy loves the game!

Kyle is trying to stay dry, but not very effectively.

I love watching the kids having fun and playing outside!

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