Friday, May 13, 2016

Patrick's First Birthday

This was probably the most eventful time around a child's first birthday that we have had.  Poor Patrick didn't get a proper first birthday celebration, but I don't think he minded since he got cake!
If you remember from my 366 project post from the week of Patrick's birthday, Keira ended up in the ER and hospital on Patrick's brithday.  I didn't get the chance to make Patrick a cake.  Providentially, we had frozen Avalyn's and Mercy's birthday cakes, so Patrick got a recycled cake!
We were so tired and trying to deal with children's breathing problems that we didn't even get to wrapping Patrick's presents.  But he does love playing with the round abouts and shape sorter that he got.
The good news is that Patrick turned 1 year old no matter how we celebrated, and he was mostly walking on his first birthday!

Patrick patiently waiting for cake!

Patrick really wanted to grab his cake and touch the candle.

"Yeah! I can eat!"

"Which piece do I eat first?"

"I think right."

"I need more, Mommy!"

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