Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Great Room Swap of 2016

During Spring break, I thought it would be interesting to rearrange all the kids and their bedrooms!  First, I asked Kyle if he wanted to have Patrick in his room.  He has wanted that since before Patrick was born, so there was no question.  The next question was what to do with Mercy and Sophia.  I originally thought that I would just move Kyle down to the nursery and call the room swap done.  But the nursery is green and Kyle's room is yellow.  Kyle's favorite color is yellow and Sophia's favorite color is green.  So then I decided that maybe we should move all the nursery furniture to Kyle's room, and all of Sophia's furniture to the nursery.  This involved taking apart and moving the crib (which as lived in the nursery for over 10 years) and moving a very heavy antique dresser and mirror, a stuffed arm chair, and a night stand from one side of the house to the other.  Then taking apart and moving the bunk beds from the back room to the nursery as well as moving the large dresser.
Now you may ask, was this all necessary.  If we had just moved Kyle to the nursery, we would not have had to rearrange anything!  We could have just gotten the bed frame for his bed out of storage and put it up, and it would have been finished.  Oh, but that would have been too easy and not nearly as much fun!  I cleaned each room thoroughly, and threw away a lot of accumulated clutter.  It was a very rewarding job and the kids are very happy!
In the process of rearranging, Sophia and Keira asked if they could be in a room together.  With no reason to say no, we asked Avalyn if she wanted to have Mercy in her room.  She agreed, so the room swap now encompassed three rooms instead of two!
So if you are keeping count, Kyle and Patrick are in the back bedroom.  It is yellow and has the antique furniture from my memaw.  Kyle is very happy, and I don't think Patrick really cares that he is not in the nursery.

The chair is right beside the door.  If you walk in the door, the chair is immediately on your left.  I bought the yellow chair when I was in high school from a thrift store for $5.  I LOVED that chair.  It has seen better days, but it is still very comfortable, though a little hard to get out of!  Kyle loves having it in his room, and he reads in it during quiet time.  The bed came from my memaw's house and has a match that Patrick will probably use when he gets older.

The dresser is straight across the room from the end of Patrick's crib.  It also came from my memaw's house. 

Sophia and Keira are in what has always been called the nursery.  It is painted green and has beautiful alphabet cards from Antrophologie on the walls.  The girls are really happy to be together, and have been getting along better than they used to.  These two are our early risers, so it works well having them in the same room.
When you push the door open, the bunk beds are straight ahead.  The dress holds their clothes as well as all the kids' church and school clothes.

Christmas lights are a decorating feature that all our bedrooms must have (or at least our kids think so)!  They make a great night light when kept on a dimmer.  You can see the cool alphabet cards around the ceiling!

Avalyn and Mercy are together in the front room.  Mercy has become scared of many things recently, so she loves having her big sister nearby to comfort her.  She will sleep with Avalyn on occasion if she is afraid there will be thunder.  Though Avalyn's room didn't get much different furniture, we rearranged where the bed is located and moved the other pieces around to make it look different.

I don't currently have any pictures of Avalyn's and Mercy's room because she hasn't kept it clean enough to get pictures!  One of these days I'll get some pictures and may update you on how it looks.

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